A Look At Hair Salon Equipment And Why Each Equipment Matters

Date: 18th August 2016
Category: General Posts

There is no doubt at all that the beauty industry is rapidly expanding. Competition in the industry is in the simplest words possible, stiff. That explains why hair salons today feature all kinds of extras in a bid to impress their prospective clients. They boast of impressive interior designs, appealing floor plans and of course, friendly personnel. All these factors are important. There is however one other factor that is more important than aesthetics – equipment. Any serious salon will at no point compromise the quality of their equipment; from simple hair brushes and pins all the way to hair dryers and massage chairs, they will make sure that quality stands out. So which equipment matter the most in a salon? Read on to find out.

Combs and hair brushes

Walk into any beauty salon in Perth and you certainly will not miss a set of combs and hair brushes.  To the ordinary Joe or Jane, the combs and brushes may seem normal. But any experienced hair dresser will explain to you that there are different types of combs and hair brushes, each with its own use. The square brush, the round brush, the rattail comb, the wide toothed comb and the tail end comb are just but some of the most common combs and hair brushes you will find in a modern hair salon.

Specialized hair styling tools

This is where hair straighteners come into the picture. Blow dryers, hair curlers, diffusers, multi styling kits and hot rollers also fall under the hair styling tools category. One interesting thing about the category is the fact that over the years, hair styling tools keep improving. They simply advance with technology. It is therefore a good idea to keep yourself updated on what’s and what’s not as far as hair styling tools are concerned. There are several blogs and magazines that can be helpful in that regard.

Salon furniture

You will need a chair at the waiting lounge. You will also need a hair styling chair. This should not be a problem as there are several hair styling and waiting lounge chair designs. There are in fact some designs that can be customized. Your best bet if you are a salon owner is to find chairs that complement the aesthetics and interiors of the salon. If you are a client on the other hand, stick to salons that feature chairs that make you comfortable. That is because you may be seated on a salon chair for a long time.

Other equipment and supplies

Health matters a lot even in a salon. With that in mind, be sure to stick to a salon that sterilizes their equipment. The last thing you would want is go walk into a salon and leave looking great only to end up with an itchy scalp a few days later. Other important equipment in modern salons include shampoo bowls, hood dryers, trolleys and hair steamers. These and more equipment make a modern salon not just effective but reliable. Any salon with such equipment can easily guarantee you value for money.
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