What Kind Of Popular Massages Can You Expect In A Spa?

Date: 20th September 2016
Category: General Posts

If you like to spend your weekends just lounging in an ideal spa while getting a massage, you need to know the kind of massages that will definitely make your weekend great. Many spas offer different types of massages but not so many people know much about these massages and their benefits. Well, here is a look at some of the most popular massages that you can anticipate when you visit a spa.

1. Swedish massage

This is the most common type of massage that is recommendable for people who are having massage for the first time. In the course of the massage, a therapist will use effective massage oils, which makes it possible for them to carry out nice and smooth gliding strokes on your body. Therefore, if you have never had a massage, this would definitely be a nice place to start when you visit a day spa in Perth WA.

2. Relaxation massage

For a fact, body scrub happens to be one of the most underrated spa services. People easily ignore the fact that you can barely massage yourself continuously for half an hour or massage the back. The truth of the matter is that it is not as easy as it looks. In fact, massage therapists are trained and know to how touch and feel your body in a way that relaxes you.

In that case, getting body scrub with maple is an ideal of offering relaxation massage in a spa. Some spas make their own maple in a customized way to give you a greater experience. If you have not tried out maple body scrub, you should definitely ask about it when you go to a spa.

3. Deep tissue massage

The kind of massage where the feet play a unique role in massaging the body is referred to as Ashiatsu. The massage derives its origin from Asian culture. As it turns out, a great deal of customers actually opt for deep tissue massaging, which requires intense work on the body muscles and tissues.

Ashiatsu is the best solution for providing deep tissue massaging to customers without overwhelming a therapist. Note that when you are being massaged by feet, the entire process will be hygienic as therapists will wash their feet in warm water just the same way they would wash hands before massaging you. The experience is truly remarkable.

4. Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage aims at giving health benefits. It is mostly used for therapeutic purposes and as such, it is usually intense as compared to relaxation massage. This is because it is used to deal with chronic issues. For instance, if you are suffering from deep tissue damage, you may really benefit from a therapeutic massage. Athletes mostly go for therapeutic massage whenever they get tissue-related injuries.

5. Hot stone massage

In this type of massage, a therapist actually uses smooth stones that have been heated to offer massaging services. They are placed on your body or used as an extension of a therapist’s hands. The heat from the stones usually offers deep relaxation warming up the muscles that may be tight. This allows the therapist to work more effectively on them.

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