• Anti Cellulite Full Body Brush

    This heavenly treatment stimulates & increases blood circulation to encourage cell renewal. It exfloiates dry flaky skin & promotes skin elasticity.
  • Back Detox


    A truly relaxing and purifying experience. Our back detox combines exfoliation, massage and a detoxifying mask that acts to eliminate toxins relieves stress and smooths the texture of the skin. Treat yourself to 40 minutes of pure relaxation.

  • Peppermint Foot Massage


    Treat your feet to the best Peppermint Foot Massage Perth has to offer! Our foot rub embraces the cooling and refreshing effect of peppermint to relieve tension and to soothe sore feet in 20 luxurious minutes.

  • Anti-Stress Massage


    Say goodbye to stress in just 30 minutes. We’ll loosen tight muscles and soreness in your neck, shoulders and lower back.

  • Full Body Massage


    Treat yourself to an hour long Swedish Relaxation Massage and your aching muscles will thank you for days!

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